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Before Bruce Wilson came on board I thought I had everything sussed…
how wrong I was!!!
I look back at some of the major changes we have put in place (ie. buying a new building, changing accountants, hiring an office manager, systemising the office duties, etc), I think to myself, how did I ever cope before these changes. Then I realised I have been less stressed, more focused and have had more time to spend on customer staisfaction and keeping in touch with my employees which has increased production.

I would not hesitate in recommending Bruce Wilson as a business mentor/coach to any business person who was in the same situation as I was who needed some direction and positive input to turn the business around. I have found the process very interesting and motivating and am looking forward to working with Bruce in the future.

Bryce Robb      
Beaver Tree Services


It was only a year ago when we questioned if it was possible …
… but last week, when we got our books back from the Accountant we had the figures to prove it is and with the right guidance it was all so simple.

We have just received last year’s set of accounts and we thought you might be interested in how your coaching has helped us to enhance the business. Our turnover has gone from $359,000 to $452,000, which is an increase of 26%. But more significantly you are aware that we changed the nature of our client, which has dramatically affected our Gross Profit Margin. Our Gross Profit has gone from $154,000 to $244,000, which is a 59% increase. Not bad for a couple of amateurs.

So what about Net Profit we hear you ask? Well after employing two new staff memebers, buying two new Vans and buying a whole swag of expensive machinery we still had an increase of 51% in Net Profit. To be honest, there’s only one place for those extra thousands and that’s into our back pockets. When we combine this with the reduction in work hours it really makes us laugh. Isn’t that interesting?

If you ever do get asked, does ACTION work? Then take it from us, Yes!! With the right guidance we have made small but effective changes. Any guesswork has been virtually eliminated from the business so we simply don’t do anything that doesn’t work. Now that we have changed our mentality to business owners, our main emphasis is making profit and it’s damn good fun. It is exciting to know that the formula you’ve helped us to develop can now be repeated over and over and over again.

More importantly, and quite unexpectedly when we signed on, we would both like to personally thank you for the role you have played in our self-development. Our new belief systems, behaviours and "just do it" attitudes, really make us feel like we have  discovered some of life’s greatest secrets. Bruce, you have definitely helped us to remove the blinkers and open our vision to the fantastic opportunities available to us all. As Stephen C Ludin says … we choose our attitudes on a daily basis! (Thanks again for that great book.)

It is critical to our future success that we get the most professional advice and associate with the most successful people, so we look forward to continuing our relationship with you and can hardly wait to see what’s in store for us next.

As you say … Have an exciting and profitable week … 

Darin Branks & Wayne Fisher, former owners
Armstrong Locksmiths

It was really worth it in the end!
I must tell you that we have only last month sold our dry cleaning business. Without your help a few years back on how to increase sales, we would not have achieved positive results. In the last year alone, our sales went up by 14%. Eventually we got into a position where we could demand our price for the business, and that is what we have achieved. Thank-you for your help in the past.

Parvati Dahya, former owner
Dry Cleaning South

Other clients from years gone by…


Thanks Bruce, your coaching was worth every cent plus some!
Thank-you for the advice and training you gave me during the time I worked with ActionCOACH. In spite of closing our business down, you helped me to focus on profitability and marketing which enabled me to make that decision. My new position is going extremely well and am already being asked for advice on sales and marketing.  

Glen Malcolm, former owner of
AGSOUTH SERVICES:  Pasture and Animal Nutrition Specialists


Taking ACTION produces outstanding results!

Let me explain…  In March this year our business was at a critical point. While we were doing OK, progress was taking longer than expected and we knew we needed to make a change. Following a referral from Armstrong Locksmith we decided to give you a call – and from that point on the change was made! Sean and I often joke it was the best call that I ever placed – but how true this is.

The combination of 
1. Our commitment to work as hard on our business as we do in it
2. Your business coaching guidance AND
3. The proven ACTION systems and resources    has produced outstanding results.

We now:
   – Generate leads easily from multipul sources including yellow pages, referrals and direct mail campaihgns
   – Know exactly what our conversion rate is for all leads (from testing and measuring)
   – Have a 25.5% (up from 10.5%) conversion rate by improving our entire sales presentation process including initial contact, meeting style, quotation and follow-ups.
   – Have more time o work on the business rather than in it due to improved internal business operating systems and increased staff numbers.
   – Have a guaranteed recruitent system to bring us the qualityy of staff our valuable clients and we deserve.
   – Have more fun in business and more importantly make more PROFIT!

Finally Bruce, I would like to say that you have a real skill as a business coach. Your ability to:
1. Communicate clearly in a way we understand
2. Have the confidence to push us hard when needed
3. Understand our challenges and provide ways to work around them
4. Genuinely care about our success and our business
5. Provide us with the Actionresources best suited to our specific needs

has been fundamental in the succes of SUB 5 Private Security.

Like the boys at Armstrong Locksmith, Sean and I now also recommned Bruce Wilson at ActionCOACH to any business owner looking to moving ahead.

We look forward to continuing to work with you and continuing our path to becoming true business owners.

Barry Kay      SUB 5 Private Security


I strongly recommend Bruce as your business coach. He is an outstanding, intelligent gentleman who cares greatly about his involvement  in his chosen profession.

This note is to express my gratitude to Bruce for the very real benefits he and his teachings have had on my business and also for the help he has been to me personally. The benefits have been very real, profit has improved markedly and my workload has reduced by a great deal.

The greatest benefit to me has been the weekly opportunity to have an intelligent conversation about all facets of my business, in complete confidence. Never once did he speak to me about any other client of his – a testament to the credibility and honesty of the man.

I initially found the discipline of weekly meetings quite irritating and in earlier times they just seemed too frequent. I now know that this regularity is essential, dispite the fact that often I felt that I had just blinked and the next meeting had come round again. During the earlier months I seriously questioned Bruce on the value and worth of him to me and my business. I really am most grateful now for the wise and patient way he handled my objections and helped me to become more focused on the things that really matter.

I now own a company that can effectively run without me. The company makes me more money than ever and the involvement in the day to day running of it has become almost non existent. My only direct duty now is a pleasurable one. I chair one hour meetings with my staff, these happening every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings between 9am and 10am Bruce has helped me delegate far better than I ever could have done on my own. My key staff appear to really enjoy their well-defined areas of responsibility. They are doing some outstanding things for our customers and reputation of the company. 

Bruce has been directly responsible for rekindling the fires in me once again and helped me to focus on the issues that matter. I will always be very grateful to him for that. He has been of invaluable help to me and I am looking forward to some exciting times ahead for myself and my family.

Ted Jones, former owner of
Rylock Windows and Doors



I would totally recommend Bruce’s coaching experience to anyone who is looking to build their business, earn more and have more time for the things in life that are of longer lasting priority.

One year ago almost to date, I was recommended to the ActionCOACH business coaching programme, Bruce Wilson being the coach. This recommendation came through my brother who is also on the programme and is having enormous succes, both personally and in business. 

I have been in business for ten years prior to considering the coaching programme, and although our business was doing OK in lots of areas, I was extremely limited in my understanding of business principles, marketing and having a plan that was going to see our company succeed beyond my previous expectations.

In spite of my perception of the cost of the programme, I proceeded with the coaching from Bruce, and have found the value worth while many times over. 

The implementation of the Action programme that Bruce follows through with is a guaranteed winner, and have found that it does take someone like himself to assist with this growth. The weekly sessions deal with the issues that arise during the week, and I find that he is able to analyse and correctly guide us to reach our goals. I have also found that the ActionCOACH reading materials, tapes and videos have been of paramount value, and added thousands to our bottom line in htis short space of time alon.

Some of the other benefits of the programme have been:
1. A dramatic increase in my business education
2. a conservative 30% increase in our net profit
3. More time for planning, and working on the busioness
4. Skills and techniques learned to market our business effectively

One of my regrets is that I was not aware of this type of coaching years ago, had I been, I am sure our company would be extremely successful at this point in time, and my goals would have been realised years ago.

I do have a passion for business, and providing excellence in our company, and have found that Bruce has been able to give advice, and also fuel that ignites my enthusiasm.

David Robertson     Master Painter


Be prepared to commit to the programme fully to get the results

We have been associated with Bruce Wilson and ActionCOACH’s coaching programme for 2 years. In that time we have seen our business grow by 50%. 

We made the commitment to Bruce to follow the methods and ideas to grow our business and although at times the discipline was dificult for us all it has definitely been successful.

I would have no hesitation recommending Bruce and Action COACH to any business but you must be prepared to commit to the programme to get the results.

Colleen Sandrey    


Many thanks for your input this year – your coaching has been one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made – all the best for 2001.

John Robertson     Hearing Technology


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